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Tridonic Emergency Lighting ECG-FL EM 06 PRO NiMh G2 - 89800335

Product number: 89800335
Tridonic GmbH & Co KG

Tridonic Emergency Lighting ECG-FL EM 06 PRO NiMh G2 - 89800335

Product number: 89800335

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Product information "Tridonic Emergency Lighting ECG-FL EM 06 PRO NiMh G2 - 89800335"

Here we have summarized for you the most important features of the emergency light EVG-FL EM 06 PRO NiMh G2:The control unit has a standby mode.
It is equipped with a DALI interface for test and feedback.
1 or 3 h rated operating time are freely selectable.
The duration with plug (duration link) is also selectable.
The emergency light converter is compatible with all electronic ballasts (dimmableAnd not dimmable).
It has a 5-pole technology: 4-pole changeover of the lamp andDelayed power supply for the ballast.
You can control the emergency light ECG with the high frequency AC operation of the lamp.
The power control technology ensures maximum ballast-lumen factors (EBLF) for all lamps.
The device works in a lamp-safe manner due to pre-heated lamp start and permanent cathode heating in emergency lighting mode.
It has a 5.5 min boost start for quick warm-up of the lamp, moreLight in the start-up phase and optimal lamp life.
The device has a two-color LED for status indication and a deep discharge protection.
The converter has a very low energy consumption of the battery after the deep discharge protection has been activated.
A short-circuit-proof battery connection is also secured.
Through the polarity protection for the battery you can carry out the following test:
Checking the condition of the battery, the condition of the lamp, the charging condition, a function test, and a service life test.
The device can work with high temperature cells such as NiCd or NiMH batteries (D-CS or LA cells).

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Electrical data
number of channels: 1
rated voltage: 220-240 V
system power: 70 W
form type: linear
max housing temperature (tc-max): 70 °C
protection type: IP20
environment temperature from: -5 °C
environment temperature to: 60 °C
Photometric data
dimmable: yes
color: white
Dimensions & packaging
EAN 9006210513768
Length 230 mm
Width 30 mm
Height 21 mm
Weight 150 g