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There is no life without light. Hence, right illumination is fundamental for any application. Our Online Shop is offering a hugh variety of luminaires to help you to find the right product for your area of application. From fancy lighting for your living room until EX-luminaires for environments exposed to explosion – you will find in our shop the perfect light for your needs! 

Huge choice of luminaires for interior lighting 

Best suited interior lighting strongly depends on its area of application. Already the different rooms of your lighting object require different ways of illumination: from cosy, warm-white lighting in living rooms also setting light accents, bright day-light illumination promoting concentration for offices and corridors until smooth and constant lighting for large areas such as halls in production and industry. 

Useful and solid luminaires for exterior lighting 

Outdoor lighting is not just providing nice decorative illumination – outdoor lighting also offers safety! On the one hand, good outdoor light will prevent you from stumbling outside in the dark, on the other hand it deters potential burglars. 

High quality outdoor luminaires with integrated motion sensors do not only meet these requirements – additionally they save energy. Installation of outdoor luminaires at the entry or wall of your house provides perfect light for the entrance and its surrounding. Pillar luminaires are perfectly suited for path lighting, spotlights do not just provide brightness but also set smart accents by illumination of trees and bushes. 

Premium LED-luminaires for your business 

Especially commercial business sets high expectations for professional lighting. Frequently legal regulations have an inpact on the choice of adequate lighting. As an example, prescribed lumen and CRI-values need to be considered to provide for bright and natural light to utmost extent. Lighting muss be anti-glare to ensure steady and sound work for your employees. In addition, many companies need special protected lighting to face any environmental influences. 

Simultaneously, lighting should meet personal expectations. High energy efficiency is nearly as much important as happy and productive employees and satisfied customers. 

Our product range offers energy-saving LED-panels for offices as well as handy and cost-efficient LED-tapes for big factory work floors or sports facilities. You will also find in our Online Shop offers from manufacturers specialized on lighting requiring extreme application conditions: IP-protected LED-damp luminiares for moisty and dusty environments but also EX-luminaires for ATEX-zones. 

How to find the perfect luminaire 

To easily find the perfect luminaire for your lighting project, we would like to give you a quick picture on the most important features for your new illumination: 

Energy efficiency: Efficient lighting is cost-saving and environment-friendly. Lighting with up-to-date LED-luminaires is the best way to save energy. However, also there are also differences here. It is worthwhile to focus on quality in most cases. 

Dimmable lighting: Dimmable luminaires offer the possibility to simply adapt your light to the lighting ambiance you wish. In addition, it has a positive influence on efficiency. There are luminaires directly dimmable, alternatively special drivers can be installed. For doing this, please make sure that the luminaire is marked to be dimmable. 

Light control: can be done automatically by using motion detectors resp. twilight switches or by installation of intelligent light management systems – light control offers utmost comfort and security to you and apart from that huge energy saving. 

Luminaires having permanent installed lamps: Especially LEDs often provide luminaires with permanent installed lamps. This offers higher flexibility in design and saves time to look for the right lamp fitting in the luminaire.  

Protection against dust and water: Luminaires with special IP-protection should be chosen according to their area of application. This ensures a long life-cycle also in difficult environmentel conditions. 

Should you have any further questions or need assistance for the right choice of your ideal illumination, please do not hesitate to contact our lighting experts! 

It should always be considered that fuses should be switched off before installation and maintenance of your luminaires and only activated when switching on again. Professional experts are able to assist you best for any installation of luminaires. Electricity can be life-threatening!