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Further Information

Metal halide lamps 

As a further development of the mercury lamp, metal halide lamps belong to the group of high-pressure gas discharge lamps. Compared with their "relatives", metal halide lamps score points with a very high colour rendering index, excellent colour rendering and high luminous efficacy. Added to this are the affordable purchase costs. This makes them an efficient and popular light source. 

Applications of metal halide lamps 

The lamps create conditions similar to daylight with low heat loss. This makes them ideal for various applications. Since metal halide lamps generally require some lead time to achieve full light generation but then provide brilliant white light, they are often used in areas where longer operating times and ideal lighting conditions are required. This applies to exhibitions or shops as well as certain businesses. Their excellent colour rendition even makes them popular in the film business. In addition, metal halide lamps are used in "biological" lighting because of their light properties. This applies to aquariums, terrariums and plant lighting. 

Metal halide lamps and ballasts 

As with all gas discharge lamps, operation without ballast does not work. The current must be limited to a constant value to ensure that the lamp can be operated without damage. We recommend electronic ballasts, which are the fastest and most gentle way of raising the lamp, thus considerably extending its life. In addition, they provide flicker-free light and all this with the best efficiency. Above all, flicker-free operation is extremely advantageous for use in offices, surgeries or comparable shops. Tip: some ECGs even allow the lamps to be dimmed. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)