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Further Information

T8 fluorescent lamp 

As with the T5 fluorescent tubes, the name of the fluorescent tube comes from the English term "tube" for tube and the diameter of the tube in eighth inch (25.4mm = 8/8 inch). 

Fluorescent lamps owe their popularity to their low purchase and operating costs and long service life. The T8 fluorescent tube also scores with its temperature resistance. In the private sector, the T8 is often found in garages or cellars, while in the commercial sector it is often used in offices or medical practices. 

Replacing T8 fluorescent lamp with LED tube 

Although fluorescent lamps already stand out for their high efficiency and long life, those who are not afraid of higher purchase costs can consider converting to modern LED technology. LED tubes score with flicker-free starts, excellent colour rendering and immediate brightness. 

The first step is to find out whether the fluorescent tube is operated with a conventional or electronic ballast. You can do this either by checking whether there is a starter in the luminaire. If this is the case, you need an LED tube for CCG or VVG, if there is no starter in the luminaire, choose an LED tube for ECG. 

Alternatively, you can do a camera test: with a digital camera you can check if the light flickers. If this is the case, it is a KVG tube, otherwise you can assume that an ECG tube is inserted. 

When replacing any lamps, always make sure that they are voltage-free, electricity is lethal! 

If you have further questions about T8 fluorescent lamps, the different versions or the replacement of your fluorescent lamps, please contact us.