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Perfect light for agricultural businesses

  • Economical light through LED technology
  • Individual adaptation through free lighting design 
  • Dust-, water- and fire-protected luminaires  
  • Smart control via radio switch or smartphone

To the light calculation

Perfect Light means

The well-being of your animals depends to a large extent on lighting. By creating conditions that are as natural and daylight-like as possible, you can improve their health and performance, because animals, just like humans, need a natural rhythm. In combination with daylight sensors or a light management system, your lighting can also be used much more efficiently and you save money. We can tell you what to look out for when choosing your luminaires and what role an IP protection class plays in this.

✓ Dust and waterproof luminaires 

✓ Extremely robust lighting 

 ✓ Ammonia-resistant  

✓ Materials Cost savings through high energy efficiency  

✓ Low maintenance thanks to easy cleaning!

Individual requirements

Protection against dust and water

The protection factor of the luminaires is of great importance for agricultural enterprises. Due to the increased occurrence of dust from straw and hay, for example, the luminaires should be equipped with a higher IP protection. An IP protection of over IP65 is a good choice. In rare cases, explosions can occur due to excessive dust generation. Especially in closed rooms, you should make sure that the luminaire is explosion-proof.

High efficiency

New luminaires with LED technology can achieve higher efficiencies and thus lower overall energy consumption. In terms of energy costs, they therefore offer a significant advantage over conventional luminaires with halogen or fluorescent technology. But the efficiency also differs within LED luminaires: high-quality luminaires can achieve significantly better efficiencies than luminaires from low-cost suppliers. Especially in the long run, the efficiency of a luminaire has a high influence on the total costs of lighting.

Long service life

Especially for investments that have a high value, it is important that they last a long time and function as maintenance-free as possible. LED lights have significantly longer lifetimes than conventional lights, because they can usually be operated for up to 50000 hours, while conventional lights usually last for 20000 hours. With an average operating time of 8 hours per day and 5 days per week, except on weekends, public holidays and vacation (i.e. about 220 operating days per year), the lights would last about 28 years.

Simple assembly

Nothing is more annoying than having the new products on site and either not having time for the installation because it takes so long, or first getting a time slot with the electrician to get everything under the covers. With the LED light strip from WASCO, these problems do not exist: all the necessary accessories are supplied, the lights are attached to the ceiling with wire suspensions, clipped together with the plugs and only the end of a row has to be wired.

Thanks to the lightweight aluminium bodies, installation is easy. Thus a large part of the work can be done by yourself, only the connection to 230V should be done by an electrician. All in all, the assembly is so quick that even entire factory halls can be converted on a Saturday, for example, i.e. outside opening hours.

Matching Products

We have put together a selection of top products for you that meet the special requirements for agricultural businesses. 

Art.-Nr.: EKTPCS36W50K-120-5x1,5
Robust IP65 protected LED hf-sensor moisture-proof luminaire with a nominal power of 36W,…

€75.83 net €63.72

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: Q0963
LED waterproof luminaire with IP69K protection The Airfal LED moisture-proof luminai…

€452.20 net €380.00

Immediately available

Top Products

The right lighting for stables & Co.

There are several factors to consider when lighting your stables: Straw, hay and bedding create a high level of dust. At the same time, weather conditions and the dirt produced by your animals severely affect the luminaires.
Therefore, you should make sure that you use high-quality materials and that the protection rating is at least IP65. In this way your lighting is protected against both foreign bodies and water jets. This makes cleaning much easier and reduces maintenance intervals.
Art.-Nr.: EKFL100-5K-T3
100W LED spotlight with IP65 protectionThe LED spotlight „Floodlight“ by EiKO has a nomin…

€114.56 net €96.27

Shipping in 28 day(s)

Art.-Nr.: Q0959
LED waterproof luminaire with IP69K protection The Airfal LED moisture-proof luminai…

€362.95 net €305.00

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: EKFL70-5K-T3
70W LED spotlight with IP65 protectionThe LED spotlight „Floodlight“ by EiKO has a nomina…

€87.58 net €73.60

Immediately available

Art.-Nr.: 10170846
47W surface mounted LED waterproof luminaire The surface-mounted LED waterproof lumi…

€49.69 net €41.76

Immediately available

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