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Four Years Warranty

watt24 brand name quality!

4 Jahre Garantie

watt24 only sells brand products from leading manufacturers. We trust in the products of our manufacturer. Therefore, we grant you a voluntary dealer warranty of four years. The only exceptions are "consumables" such as batteries, lamps, etc. (conditions see below). All relevant products we have in the "Technical data" printed directly ("Warranty: 4 years").

You get guaranteed quality from us - we promise!

Warranty Terms

Warranty Period

watt24 granted a voluntary dealer warranty for 4 years under the warranty conditions stated below, as amended at the time of purchase. The warranty period begins on the date of installation, but no later than three months after delivery by watt24 GmbH.


This warranty covers all mechanical, electronic and electrical components which are used in the products.

Excluded Products

Except for conventional light sources such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and batteries or even products, which have a lower guaranteed lifetime of pages of the manufacturer (eg. 2000 hours lifetime with lamps).


  • The products are used in accordance with the product information and application advice

  • The product is not subject to mechanical, thermal or electrical overload (see manufacturer's specifications or regulatory requirements)

  • As far as according to the installation and operating instructions Servicing is required, the execution is carried out and documented by trained personnel.

  • This warranty only covers product accidents caused by material, design or manufacturing defects

  • The warranty applies only to the mortality above said by the manufacturer nominal failure rate. Slight deviations from the specified performance parameters (luminous flux, low energy efficiency, etc.) are not grounds for a claim under guarantee

  • Goods to which the nameplates, serial numbers or other markings production were defaced or removed, are excluded from the guarantee

  • This warranty is void if changes are made to lighting components and modifications or repairs without prior written approval


  • In case of failures, the watt24 GmbH reserves the right to repair the defective part,

  • to supply replacement products or

  • credited to the customer defective components.

  • Upon delivery of Replacement products may be slight variations in the product properties. This is especially the case if the product is no longer manufactured in the form.

  • All costs in connection with warranty service associated costs (eg for the disassembly and reassembly, shipping the defective product, service, travel and commuting times, lifting equipment and scaffolding) shall be borne by the customer. Other costs, which, for example, caused by the failure of the installation or other damages or consequential damages are not covered by this warranty.

  • The warranty period may not be extended. That by a replacement, repair and / or credit the warranty period is not extended.

  • The use of LED components can lead to differences in the photometric properties for use-related change in the light of current-driven LED components and in the course of technical progress.


To make a warranty claim, note the following:

  • The claim must be reported in writing immediately after the occurrence of the defect to

watt24 GmbH

Zum Kleifeld 13

59469 Ense

  • The written notification shall settle the invoice (mandatory)

  • The decision as to whether there is a warranty case and whether the goods are to be returned falls within the area of judgment watt24 GmbH

  • The warranty can not be transferred to other (jur.) Persons, ie only the (jur.) person who had a contract with the watt24 can make a warranty claim.


Order of warranties / guarantees:

  1. implied warranties

  2. subordinated Manufacturer Warranty

  3. subordinated: watt24 Guarantee

The order can not be changed arbitrarily. The guarantees / warranties are not additive / supplement to understand.
If the manufacturer's warranty guarantee a shorter lifetime of the product, as the watt24 Guarantee promises, the watt24 warranty applies only to the time until the promised by the manufacturer life is fulfilled.
Warranted by the manufacturer for a longer warranty than the 4-year warranty watt24, the watt24 guarantee does not apply.
Amended on 12/07/2013


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